Latest Recordings

Asta Horă-Mi Place Mie (This dance is what I like). This is a remix of a traditional folk song from Moldova – performed by Opincuţa Neamului.
A retro style dreamy and sad synth pop song, initially composed for the motion picture ‘La Pensie’.
A pure 80s synthpop song.

So what’s the song about: seeing a pretty girl in the disco and not daring to speak to her … like so many times back in the 80s.

This song is about the vibe of a music festival. A journey full of emotions. The anticipation, the strong spirit of belonging together, the singing, the sensations, the magic and almost unreal feeling.
It is both positive and touching.
Electro house song inspired by Nexus loops. Not my main style, but very danceable. All sounds are from Nexus and Serum.
My first project with Nicole Carino. With her voice, she gave all the soul and the emotions to this song. I am very grateful for her contribution.
This ethno style song is clearly inspired by KSHMR. Melodies and sounds from the Far East, India and Europe carry spiritual chants of an Indian singer. The chants are praising the Hindu goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, music, art, and learning.
Moldavia is a song with mystic East European melodies and athmospheric sounds. The signature sounds: steel guitar from Omnisphere, plucky spinet from Massive and Nexus, bended lead from Nexus, main theme lead from Nexus, Massive and Sylenth.
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