One Love

20. August 2018
Chris Sonic feat. Nicole Carino
953851 Records DK
Number of discs: 1

My first project with Nicole Carino. With her voice, she gave all the soul and the emotions to this song. I am very grateful for her contribution.


Since the day you’ve gone I wake at night
Wonder if your love would re-ignite
Want relief but tell me where’s the key

Now I feel you anywhere around
Everytime and everywhere I go
Seems to me that this love was the one


One love
One shimmer
I hoped this lasts forever
One love
I’ll find the one

One love
One shimmer
Why can’t this last forever
One love
Was this the one?


My mind is turning round and round
Feels like our time is running out
I thought that this love was the one


I let you go
For a better life, better love
I carry on
For the one

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