Moldavia (Official Video)



This is my first music video. It all started with a melody in my mind. A mystic melody. An Eastern European sounding melody. And during searching a name for this song, I found Moldova. In English: Moldavia. For me – this was the perfect name.

I began to learn more about Moldova. Inspired by the pictures I saw, more scenes came into my mind. A fairy on a black horse – riding across the landscapes of Moldova. On her way, she is doing good things to people that need her help. So I decided to make a music video. My daughter was impressed by the idea. And she wanted to play the fairy riding on a beautiful horse.

Searching for a film production company, I found TRIO film studio in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova. They developed a full consistent story for the music video and brought in many new ideas. After two months of planning, casting, costume design, location scouting and props management, the production took place in April 2019. We had four days of horse training and three shooting days at beautiful places around Chișinău.

The production was extremely well organized and very professional. And the film crew and the actors were all very nice. During video shooting, it felt like a family. A great experience. So if you are thinking about producing a music video – I strongly recommend  TRIO film studio.

And this is the result. It is not just any music video. They made it stunning. Cinematic. Beautiful.

Thanks to Radu Boisteanu, the producer, Radu Zaporojan, the director, the great film crew and all actors!

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