Control Omnisphere 2.5

With any MIDI controller

Since version 2.5, Omnisphere supports a big list of hardware synthesizers that allow you to control Omnisphere from the controls of that synthesizer. That means you’re playing the synthesizer and control it’s knobs, faders and buttons, but the sound is generated by Omnisphere. In Omnisphere, you select the hardware synthesizer you own, and Omnisphere behaves and sounds very much like the synthesizer under your hands. It uses the waveforms of the hardware synthesizer, the filter characteristics and so on.

But is it possible to control Omnisphere 2.5 with a regular MIDI controller keyboard and use the hardware profiles of Omnisphere?

Can I turn my controller keyboard MIDI wise into a Sequential Prophet 6 and control Omnisphere?

The answer is: Yes!

You need three free tools: MIDI-OX, LoopMIDI and an Excel file with mapping tables that you can download below.

MIDI-OX is a tool that allows to monitor and modify MIDI data. In this case, MIDI OX is tranforming CC messages of your controller keyboard in controller messages expected by Omnisphere.

LoopMIDI is a tool providing a virtual MIDI port. It is required to connect your DAW or Omnisphere to MIDI-OX.

And the Excel file lets you define the CC messages for each control of your MIDI controller and generates the map files for MIDI-OX by a button click.

You can download the MIDI-OX map file generator, the map files an few sounds by clicking the button below. Mapping tables for the following synthesizers are contained:

Dave Smith OB-6

Dave Smith Prophet 12

Dave Smith Prophet REV2

Korg Prologue

Moog Subsequent 37

Roland JP-08

Roland System-8

Sequential Prophet 6



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